Conference calls anywhere. Simple. Reliable. Powerful. Used by agencies and other professionals all over the world.

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Confr allows you to create conference calls with a few clicks, a trick that many have tried but few achieved

Used everyday for:

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  • Confr SMS helps everyone to join on time and without IDs and PINs. That saves me from wasting time in a busy workday.
  • Confr works great as a daily or weekly stand up meeting tool, while working in agile methodology, with local and crossborders projects.
  • Confr helps us to connect in group calls between our Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Cape Town and London locations. Using phone lines is hassle free and we don't depend on unreliable internet connection.
  • It works amazingly well - nothing comes close to this from an 'it just works experience’. Not needing a pass code is awesome.